Initially wanted to make a surprise visit for Ab at his work place last Saturday (after dinner with Zul). Coincidentally I viewed Ab's profile a day before the surprise visit plan, and in the other way round, I'm the one who surprised because Ab is (or perhaps 'was') in top 20 of Akademi Fantasia 7! Fuiyoo, he did it again!

Then on the Saturday I missed Tirai AF7 (I), after came back from dinner I eagerly catch it in youtube.

On Sunday, wah... awal-awal da tunggu depan TV tuh! Excited to see this Mr. Abraham Edwin Dungot in Tirai Akademi Fantasia 7 (II).

And Acis said..."Ab, you did a very very good job. However I am very sad to say... that your journey ends here..."

I was like... waddaheck????!!!!

That's the only thing I can say. Shocking.

First second, Acis were giving him an appraisal, another second he said Ab didnt get thru'. What did just happen there? Am I missing something in between those seconds?

Even my father were sighed "kesian Ab, teringin betul dia nak masuk AF kali ni. tak dapat pulak"

Well, all I can say AF7 really sticks to their "TRANSFORMASI" concept. Though they are dying to have Ab in the academy (can see Pn. Siti Hajar broke down upon Ab's elimination), but you see... by looking back at Ab's music background, I guess the show feels it is much fair giving a way to someone who is much in need of the loophole rather than him. He's already a top 4 in OIAM2, musically trained before and been singing for a quite numerous of year. The only lack on him, he doesn't have an album. Oh wait, I'm not so sure whether he got an album on his Kadazan songs previously or not, but commercially, after his breakthrough in reality tv shows... he got no album. Plus, he ain't need the transformation much. He already have the star quality, its just that he need to be polish a little bit here and there. Unlike the rest of the peeps in AF7 who is still consider as a raw material which will be transformed into a finish product sooner or later.

In other way, I personally think Ab needs a loophole/platform to produce an album and get his name on the chart. And AF7 ain't the loophole he's looking for.

Nevermind, kita cari lagi. I believe it is somewhere, if you tak give up (in God's will) you will find your loophole someday. =)

1. Wait a minute. That Adila seems so somewhat familiar....!!!
2. According to Tirai AF7, I don't understand why the peeps like to play with other people's head/hair. Err.. not nice at all.
3. Pakcik, lets go for sushi and pizza later!